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The Southern Cone Initiative, Brazil
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Partner with Jonathan and Erin as they lead the Southern Cone Initiative in Argentina, Uruguay and Southern Brazil.

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We have served as missionaries in the Greater São Paulo region of Southeast Brazil since 2005. São Paulo is considered one of the largest city centers in the world, with a population of 30 million people in the greater region. Our primary focus has always been on making multiplying disciples through church-planting.

We are asking God for a gospel movement in every metropolitan region with over a million people in Argentina, Uruguay and Southern Brazil in our generation.

We define the Southern Cone as a geographic region in South America located east of the Andes Mountains and south of the Tropic of Capricorn that encompasses Argentina, Uruguay and Southern Brazil, whose people are primarily of European descent and who are considered to be mostly least-reached.

As we lead the Southern Cone Initiative, we will continue to focus on making disciples who make disciples, church planting and helping churches develop Great Commission pathways into all the world.

Visit the Southern Cone Initiative website HERE

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The Southern Cone Initiative, Brazil // Our greatest privilege is joining Jesus in what He is building: His church. Through your partnership, we are able to reach across the street and around the world with the Gospel—locally and globally—impacting lives for eternity.

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