Crick & Mindy Porier

Tartu, Estonia
Status: Raising support
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Help Crick and Mindy in the church planting movement and in youth leadership development in Southern Estonia.

Monthly funding progress: 94%
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Crick and Mindy reside in the university city of Tartu. They are partnering with Kolgata Baptist Church and the Union of Estonian Baptist Churches to connect, develop and support church planting, youth ministry and various other outreach programs throughout Southern Estonia. They have a strong emphasis on building relationships in order to teach and mentor youth and young adults in leadership and spiritual growth. Pray for: • Estonian church planters and youth leaders • Opportunities for outreach among least-reached people groups in rural areas • The physical and spiritual health of the Porier family
Tartu, Estonia // Estonia is one of the least-religious countries in the world. Less than 2 percent are evangelical Christians.

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