Christopher & Kristan Hendrix

Rome, Italy
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Help Chris and Kristan plant and multiply churches focused on the internationals and displaced peoples who desperately are seeking hope in Rome.

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My story

The Lord began leading our family to serve internationals and displaced peoples during our time in seminary. We had no intention of becoming international missionaries, but loved building relationships and sharing about Jesus in ways they could understand. After a period of time, the Lord began to bring people into our lives who encouraged us to pray over serving Christ internationally and in areas where the gospel was not easily accessible. We began to do this, and then the Lord started opening doors (and closing some!) to move, live and be vessels to grow the Kingdom in Rome, Italy. Our hope is to create a network of new churches in Rome and the surrounding areas to reach migrants, immigrants, ex-pats, military, diplomats and nomads. Every person in this people group has experienced some sort of significant loss in their life, and the Lord has led us to plant churches to create relational communities that point every person to the eternal hope found in Christ, in which no loss can take away. Despite being one of the most diverse and international cities in the world, there is little to no movement in reaching the internationals of Rome. We will know that we have succeeded in this when each new or mature believer leaves Rome to return to his or her homeland, or to his or her next place of transition, and continues to spread the Kingdom of Christ in other areas that need the gospel.  
Rome, Italy // The old saying still rings true: "All roads lead to Rome." 

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