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Senegal, Africa
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Our greatest privilege is joining Jesus in what he is building: his church. When we reach across the street and around the world with the gospel—locally and globally—we impact lives for eternity.

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Brad and Deb are long-term Converge missionaries in Senegal. They served twelve years in a rural Muslim context but are now project leaders in an urban setting in the Metro SenWest Initiative. 

Their ministry is focused on the unreached and respectfully resistant Wolof and Peul people groups. There are fewer than 500 Christians among 10 million Wolof and Peul living in Senegal. 

The ministry goal for Brad and Deb is to ignite a Disciple Making Movement (DMM). They do this by: 

  • encouraging intercessory prayer.

  • engaging with Muslim men and women in ways that lead to spiritual and discovery conversations.

  • seeking people of peace will invite their family, friends, and neighbors to discover God through His Word.

  • facilitating discovery Bible studies (DBS), a simple, easily reproducible way for people to discover for themselves who God is through His Word.

  • training and coaching négalese Christians in DMM principles and practices so they can lead DBS groups.

  • developing new media resources to share the Gospel message more broadly.

Metro SenWest Initiative Vision:

We are asking God 

for 5% of Sénégal urban triangle 

to become reproducing disciples of Jesus 

with emphasis on the unreached Wolof and Peul.

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Sénégal’s growing urban triangle is expected to be home to 60% of the country’s population by 2030.

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