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Senegal, Africa
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Our greatest privilege is joining Jesus in what he is building: his church. When we reach across the street and around the world with the gospel—locally and globally—we impact lives for eternity.

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Brad and Deb are co-leaders of the SenSahel Initiative.

In the Sahel region of Senegal, the Wolof and Peul are the two largest unreached people groups, making up 63% of the country's population. There are fewer than 100 known believers among 6 million Wolof and only a few hundred among 4 million Peul.

After a dozen years of ministry in a rural context where only a few Wolof clearly came to faith in Jesus, we long to see a ministry of multiplication ignited. Converge has a new vision and a new structure focused on initiating and sustaining Gospel movements among least reached people groups. This new approach involves many more people in the U.S. in strategic roles and broader partnership within the SenSahel Initiative. It also means greater committed prayer and fasting for the Wolof and Peul people and members of the Initiative working to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus.

As a couple, we are excited to be part of the new energy and anticipation in Converge, yet we’ve served in Senegal long enough to know that this kind of movement and change will not come from even our best human efforts. A vision this big must be under-girded and preceded by prayer and fasting. While we desire and endeavor to be used by God as catalysts for a Gospel movement in Senegal, it is clear to us that only God can initiate and sustain a movement among these resistant people groups.


We are asking God
for 5% of the Wolof and Peul people
to become disciples of Jesus gathered into multiplying Kingdom Communities
in our generation.

Senegal, Africa // For the protection of those with whom they work, high security zone workers are listed by ID number and partial name.

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