Ashley Siler

Togo, Africa
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Help Ashley start children's ministries and train national leaders in Togo.

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Children's Outreach in Church Planting, Togo

Togo is a country steeped in ancestry worship and is the birthplace of Voodoo. With more than 70 percent of the population being under the age of 30, I am starting children's ministries in church plants and training national leaders to take over the children's ministries. I am working as part of a church planting team among two unreached people groups. Our vision is to plant reproducing churches in cultural centers so that they can then plant in the more rural areas. By training the future leaders, we will not only see this generation changed, but the next one as well.

The next generation of leaders will hear the hope and love of Christ and see it on display from people within their own culture. Church plants will benefit as half of the population is made up of children, who are a great avenue to reaching families with Christ. The Response God has called me to go so that these people do not remain in their hopeless lives without Christ.

These changed lives cannot happen without partners like you. Financial partners are the ones who help to send me abroad, and they are the ones who take part in the work of bringing the hope and love of Christ to the Togolese. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in the lives of these families and they would be healed by the gospel. Please commit to pray for me and consider supporting me financially.

Togo, Africa // Aneho, Togo

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