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Help Peter and Heather reach people for Jesus in Europe and Mediterranean.

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Peter and Heather are called to celebrate God’s movement among least-reached peoples and inspire God’s people to engage in ministry in this region.

Since before they were married, Peter and Heather dreamt together about what part they might play in God’s movement throughout the world. They met in college where Heather studied writing and Peter studied film production, and they quickly realized that they shared the desire to tell stories of God’s global work. As that idea was shaped into a plan, they began pursuing Converge IM, and God opened doors for them to become a media team.

One of the biggest challenges of mission work is communicating effectively with ministry partners. Creating compelling media requires time and skill that most ministry workers do not have. Peter and Heather will serve as Converge IM’s first on-field media team. They will travel to the ministry locations throughout Europe and its surrounding regions, capturing material to help share the local team’s vision and document their progress as God leads them. The video and written content created by the Hansons will be available to Converge ministry partners and supporting churches. 

The Hansons will be based in PoznaƄ, Poland, where they will be involved with the 15:5 West Initiative, which seeks to start a gospel movement in Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. They will assist Evangelical Poland, a coalition of church leaders working together for resourcing, training, and outreach, through media training and the creation of videos. They will also serve the local church and engage their friends and neighbors in Gospel-focused conversation.

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