There are various definitions that are used in the world of global evangelism. At the core, Disciple Making Ministry emphasizes disciples making disciples and then teaching them how to Disciple others.

Through a Disciple-Making Ministry existing churches are strengthened and new churches are planted.

Disciple Making Ministry is:

  1. Fast growing
  2. Indigenous (of the local culture)
  3. Multiplying groups
  4. Obedient Jesus followers (disciples)

Disciples gather themselves into groups of people who are following Jesus and committed to obey his commands together.

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The people & the place

The Gotel Mountains are a vast mountain range that stretches from Eastern Nigeria across the border into Camaroon. Nigeria is the seventh-most populated ― and one of the fastest-growing ― countries in the world. It is projected to be the world’s third-largest country by 2050, surpassing the United States, among other nations. There are 251 least-reached people groups in Nigeria, including several in the Gotel region alone. Many of the people here practice Islam and traditional African religions.


Stories of Impact

Global Workers

Converge global workers are helping to start and strengthen churches together worldwide. Learn how you can become a key partner in accomplishing the mission.

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Dan & Tina Gibbs
Partner with the Gibbs as they bring the gospel to unreached Nigerians.