Mike & Murf Gaston

Mike and Murf Gaston served with Converge International Ministries for 15 years as church planters in Cameroon and France, allowing them to bring valuable first-hand experience to their new role on the Converge Member Care Team, providing pastoral care and encouragement to Converge workers around the world.

They will be the primary caregivers for the Converge Diaspora workers, who serve among immigrant communities in the United States. Mike will also connect with Converge workers internationally as opportunities arise during his international travel for Heights Church in Prescott, AZ, where he serves as Shepherding Pastor and overseer of outreach ministries.

Mike and Murf will also provide their home in beautiful northern Arizona as a place of ministry. Murf’s hospitality gifts will be put to good use as they welcome their colleagues on Home Assignment for a few days refreshment, and whatever pastoral care that their guests might require. Both of the Gastons have come to realize the value of Sabbath rest, and are eager to encourage their Converge colleagues to explore that gift and make it a regular part of their lives.

Mike and Murf need no salary from Converge, so all donations to their ministry will go directly to cover the costs of their travel and hospitality ministry as they care for missionaries. The goal of their Converge ministry is reflected in Philemon, verse 7, where Paul says to his friend, “The hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you.”

Mike & Murf Gaston
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