John B.

In his role of Director of Diaspora Initiatives, John is helping Converge missionaries and churches to work effectively among least-reached, migrating people groups in North America and abroad.

The primary ministry objective of Diaspora Initiatives is evangelism and discipleship of members of unreached people groups wherever they reside by training Christian workers from the Global South (non-Western) who live and work in the 10/40 Window countries, and by assisting churches and mission agencies to evangelize least-reached immigrant groups that reside among them.

Formerly involved with leadership development and missionary training in the Central Philippines, John and Jan saw the mission potential of Majority World Christians seeking employment in Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist lands and responded to this great mission opportunity.

John also directs NextMove, a research and consulting ministry that helps mission executives solve the major issues that hinder their agency’s involvement with migrating people. (See

In addition, as an international representative for the Global Diaspora Network of the Lausanne Movement, John works to equip schools around the world to promote diaspora missiology.


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John & Jan Baxter

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