John & Lori De Cleene

John and Lori are serving as Mobilization Specialists as Monthly Deployment Advisors. They are advising and coaching newly appointed Converge missionaries during the period of time appointees complete their many requirements to reach their field. Converge has a comprehensive program of creating missionary support teams, developing needed missionary skills and preparing for successful departure. 

Having been missionaries in the Philippines for more than 25 years, John and Lori know what it’s like to raise support, leave family and friends and pack belongings. In their role of advising/coaching new missionary appointees, the De Cleenes are multiplying nearly three decades of world-wide church planting efforts by helping new appointees reach their field fully prepared. By continuing to raise their own financial support, John and Lori help decrease the costs for the missionary appointees they train.
John & Lori DeCleene

Current Monthly Funding: 70%

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