John & Lucy Helveston

Having completed twenty-five years of ministry in a multi-national church in California’s Silicon Valley, John and Lucy respond to a “fresh calling” from the Lord. Just as in the States churches go through seasons of painful transition, the same is true of English-speaking congregations in strategic cities throughout the world. Often these churches go for many months, even years, without a pastor. Why? Because they must find a leader willing to raise support and to minister in a different culture with all the attendant challenges, i.e., language, visa issues, distance from friends and family, etc.

John and Lucy are called to step into these critical situations to strengthen God’s people and help prepare for their new pastor’s arrival.

Overseas ministry is not new to the Helvestons; they served two years in the Philippines and have also ministered in Russia, Germany, Mexico, Panama and Austria. Please consider financially supporting John and Lucy in this vital ministry!

John & Lucy Helveston
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