Mitchellene (Mitch) Solinap

In Thailand, Filipinos have proven to be effective cross-cultural fieldworkers since 1998 serving alongside Converge International Ministries workers to plant six churches in the greater Bangkok area. Bethlehem Star of Peace (BSOP) partners with local churches in the Philippines to send missionaries to the unreached peoples in SEAsia. This project allows supporters to give to the ministry of Mitchellene (Mitch) Solinap in Bangkok, Thailand. Mitch will re-join the team of Filipino, Thai and American Christians planting churches and building disciples in the greater Bangkok area using Santisuk (Peace) English School as the platform for sowing the seeds of the gospel. Mitch taught at Santisuk in 2016-17 and was invited back to join their multi-national staff. She is eager to get back to Thailand to serve this strategic unreached people group. Mitch will return to Thailand as soon as her support level is at 100%.

Mitchellene (Mitch) Solinap
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