Jerry Schommer

Converge churches of North America have a tremendous opportunity to reach the currently receptive unreached peoples in our world.

In partnership with The Timothy Initiative (TTI), Converge churches will seek to plant thousands of churches in the coming years. Jerry Schommer, an experienced Converge church planter and pastor, will come along our more than 1300 Converge churches and their leaders to inspire them to generously invest their resources to plant churches among the unreached people groups of this world.

Jerry examines the earthquake devastation in Nepal

Jerry works with Converge district executive ministers, Converge pastors and church mission teams to develop these vital and strategic partnerships so that the good news of Jesus and eternal life can reach those who have not yet heard. Please consider becoming a monthly financial supporter for Jerry as he engages Converge churches and individuals to become church planting partners in this amazing and fruitful global outreach.

In spite of the Nepal earthquake, this house church got planted!

Jerry meets with 10 unreached and unengaged people group church planters (7 men, 3 women) in Nepal

Leadership training of current "Pauls" for unreached people group church planting

Outside the training center in Kathmandu, Nepal

Jerry and the American team meets with new believers in Nepal

Jerry Schommer

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