Paul & Ana Hill

Cabildo de Esperanza is our current church plant and we also have a rural daughter church in Huiñaj Atun, where we also help build tanks for catching rainwater.

Prayer requests:

  1. We go home on furlough next year and need leadership to replace us.
  2. Pray for our circle of influence and the need to spend at least 30% of my time working this area of outreach.
  3. Pray for our two daughters in college here in Argentina. Sara is in her third year of architecture and Amy just started veterinary medicine.
  4. Pray for our son Paul who finishes High School in December and is not sure what he wants to do.
  5. Pray for our health, Ana continues to struggle with migraines and my sleep apnea is still not under control.
  6. Pray for the rural church plant and the need for a church building and for more time to disciple and visit the people in the area.
  7. I have been chosen field coordinator for the Argentine field and need prayer in managing my time.

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Paul & Ana Hill

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