Deborah Guzman

Reaching Thai Buddhists for Christ

Deborah Guzman is focused on evangelism at Santisuk English School (SES) in Bangkok, Thailand. She will be teaching college- and career-age Thai Buddhists using Christian materials so that they will be introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ and challenged to accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

Deborah has been a missionary to the people of Chiapas, Mexico for over 20 years and will be using many of her acquired cross-cultural skills to minister to the Thai people. She will be discipling students who accept the Lord as well as participate in the musical ministry of the cell groups that meet regularly at the school and in Biblical teaching.

Deborah saw the great need of reaching Thai Buddhists for Christ when she taught at Santisuk during July 2017. Only 0.5% of the Thai people have been reached for Christ. The Thai people need to hear about Jesus.

Deborah needs your prayers and support to continue to reach this unreached people group with the gospel. Will you donate to her ministry today?

Thank you so much for your help in meeting the matching funds goal! If anyone else would like to challenge givers to help Deb on a monthly basis by doubling the first month’s pledge with a matching amount, please contact us using Deb’s ID: 210783. Thank you!

Deborah Guzman

Current Monthly Funding: 79%

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