Josh Freeman

The Opportunity

In a country that almost half the population is under the age of 18, Togo, Africa has a very young population. Young Togolese are more open to discussions of faith and the Gospel than past generations. Togo has developing, urban areas that are perfect church plant locations that I will be helping to establish through local leadership.

The Need

Togo is the birth place of witchcraft and 90% of the local people in my coastal region practice some form of voodoo. It has a dark history of global slave trading and is still gripped by Satan's bondage. Togo is the 10th poorest country in the world.

The Vision

I will be partnering with a team in Togo, Africa in an effort to bring The Light to this dark area. I will be coming on the team to be a Church Planting Coach. I will build relationships with the local people, share the Gospel and disciple and train future Togolese pastors. I will be a part of all church planting operations such as, selecting specific demographic areas that are prime locations of urban development to influence as many Togolese as possible in that area. I will also be working closely with all current church plant leaders and pastors in an effort to align our ministry and reach the most people possible with the Gospel.


Josh Freeman

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