Eri Kobayashi

Eri is working in the City of Torrance, California in the United States. She is ministering to the Japanese-speaking children and their mothers who remain in the U.S. from 2-5 years on their father or husband’s Japanese corporation work visa. Eri teaches ESL, hold seasonal events and Summer Bible Day Camp for children, and also teaches ESL, American culture, and bible class to their moms.

The world is coming to us. There are many short-term Japanese workers here in the U.S. And when they go out of Japan, their hearts open up to many different things, including Christianity. The City of Torrance and its surrounding areas has the highest number of Japan-born Japanese in the Continental United States. Eri befriends these Japanese women and teaches their children, sharing Jesus’ love and instilling in them the life-long habit of praying to Almighty God.

Eri Kobayashi
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