JJ & Melissa Alderman

Church Planting & Leadership Development, Togo

The Potential

Nearly half of all Togolese are under the age of 18. Urban areas are growing at a much more rapid rate than the villages. The “African millennials” are more open to faith conversations than previous generations. Togo has Africa’s deepest port, which draws people from all over West Africa for business.

The Need

We are working in the area where Voodoo from the world started and was spread through the global slave trade. About 90% of the people in our coastal region actively practice Voodoo. Lome, the capital city, boasts the largest voodoo market in the world. The festival of the black divinity is held every year in December where Brazilians come to learn how to do deeper and darker black magic. Togo is the 10th poorest nation in the world.

The Response

We started “Togo Palms,” a youth camp, as an effective base of ministry to plant churches and minister to a Togolese population that finds half of its people under the age of 18. A first church has been planted with land already purchased for a second plant in the city of Aneho, the former capital city of Togoland. We are currently training national leadership in the Togo Palms Institute to plant and lead churches.

JJ & Melissa Alderman

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