Roman & Emily C

Roman and Emily are serving in the Republic of Moldova. In a country in which nearly a third of the population is working abroad and many others are searching for a way out, the couple is oftentimes asked, “Why do you stay?” For them the answer is very simple -- God has placed in their hearts a desire to offer a true and all-surpassing hope to those who remain, to live their lives in a way that testifies to His extravagant grace and proclaims in love throughout their community the goodness of walking in obedience to Him. In a country that is plagued with problems such as human trafficking, alcoholism and family violence, it is the couple’s deep desire to reach out to the next generation of leaders, teaching them not only the principles for leading a healthy life, but modeling for them in a powerful way what it means to know and delight in the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Roman & Emily C

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