Jim & Lynn Jarman

Church Multiplication Catalysts - Sweden

The Potential

  • Sweden sets an example for the world in equality, human rights, environmentalism, and technology
  • Stockholm is the fastest growing city in Europe - 30,000 move there each year
  • With revival--the potential to reach a nation of 10 million is real 

The Need

  • Sweden is the #1 most atheistic nation in the world
  • 20% of Swedish churches have closed in the last 10 years
  • Christianity will cease in 40 years without revival
  • Stockholm is the global city with the lowest % of Christians
  • 98% of Swedes do not know Jesus personally

The Response

  • Swedish Christian leaders have requested help
  • Converge and EFCA/ReachGlobal have formed a strategic alliance for Sweden - we are on staff with both organizations
  • Both are church multiplication movements because of Swedish heritage
  • The vision is to revive the city of Stockholm for Christ by helping the Swedish church facilitate prayer, evangelism, discipleship and church planting movements
  • The plan includes helping New Life Church Stockholm plant 20 churches in Stockholm and 10 more in university cities

PrayerCast Sweden

Prayercast | Sweden from Prayercast on Vimeo.

Jim & Lynn Jarman
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