Kyle & Matilda Tromanhauser

As globalism’s disruptive force reshapes the world, it is also creating unique opportunities for the Church to have a global impact by embracing the ‘Antioch Reflection.’  There are over 200 million ‘Global Citizens’ (expatriates) worldwide who are living in the third culture zone, rarely having the opportunity to hear the gospel. The need for A2:5 International English Speaking Churches is immense.

Our vision is to establish a multi-ethnic, inter-cultural, and economically diverse English-language church that plants the Gospel among the 340,000 plus International ‘Global Citizens’ in München, Germany, reproducing itself throughout Europe and the world. These men and women are shaping governments and the new global culture.  As they hear and respond to the Gospel, imagine the Global Impact for Christ!  A church that celebrates its diversity and chooses to walk together as one for the sake of the Gospel is mobilized for impact in the community and beyond.

Join us in being a center of life in München, as we reflect the love of God to a diverse world! Prayerfully consider:

  • Joining our ‘Prayer First’ Team
  • Supporting this vision financially
  • Serving on the Launch Team for a few weeks, months or a year


Kyle & Matilda Tromanhauser

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