Crick & Mindy Porier

Youth Ministry & Church Planting

Crick and Mindy are partnering with Kolgata Baptist Church to connect, develop and support youth ministries, church plants and outreach programs throughout southern Estonia.  They have a strong emphasis on building relationships in order to teach and mentor youth and young adults in leadership and spiritual growth.  Estonia is a country with 1.3 million people.  Less than 2 percent are evangelical Christians.

Pray for:

- Estonian youth leaders and church planters

- The vision and development of youth ministries

- Opportunities for outreach in rural areas

- Physical and spiritual health


Links to Crick and Mindy's Special Ministry Projects:

• Estonian Language Bible Distribution Project --

• Rural Outreach & Curriculum Project --

Crick & Mindy Porier

Current Monthly Funding: 94%

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