Lynette Young

I'm serving in Montevideo, Uruguay, the least-churched country in the Americas, with only 3% Christians. It is a country of great influence in Latin America, and in the upper middle class neighborhood called the "Rambla" (the neighborhoods along the boardwalk), only one tenth of one percent of about 380,000 people are believers. In this mostly secular and atheistic society, we have planted Rey de Paz (King of Peace), which has been an effective and growing church in this unreached people group. I specifically work with youth (12 to 30 year olds) in a society that does not allow young people to get involved in leadership until many years later. I have helped teenagers grow in confidence and involvement in the church and reach out to their non-believing friends. We need more committed partners, as we hope to establish a church planting movement. There are hundreds of thousands who need to have the Gospel presented to them in a clear way. Will you be an active part in this? I also need to get back to the field. I'm currently on home-assignment and still have to raise 15% of my support before I can return. Thank you for being a part of this exciting and challenging church planting ministry! Download Lynette's Info Packet

Lynette Young

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