Steve & Carol Smith

Our mission is to help catalyze church planting movements in Côte d'Ivoire and beyond through the spiritual renewal of leaders, the training of national missionaries, and the strategic use of compassion ministries. We believe that reaching the world with the gospel of the grace of Jesus Christ requires leaders who are continually being transformed by that grace. As they are transformed, they will send and/or go as missionaries to those who have never heard. One effective means to open closed doors and hearts is compassion ministries such as health centers and community development projects. Download a full overview of our ministry.Prayer Requests: Our own ongoing spiritual renewal in the grace and love of Christ. Real transformation of church leaders through the power of the gospel. Wisdom for the creation of a missionary training institute. Wisdom and skill in the development of the El Rapha Health Center and the Community Extension Program of microfinance and nutrition training.

Special Project to help a widow and her children:

Steve & Carol Smith

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