Bob & Debbie Long

Bob and Debbie Long, after a lifetime of ministering to youth and youth leaders in the U.S., feel called by God to join a movement of making disciples who make disciples among the youth in the Philippines. Bob’s goal over the next four years is to train, coach and disciple youth pastors, youth leaders and key youth in local churches. Bob will also teach youth ministry and leadership development at the Cebu Graduate School of Theology. Building on relationships formed over the years, he will also partner with two other Filipino youth ministry networks.

Debbie will partner with Bob in this mission through her organizational, administrative and teaching giftedness. The need is great. Sixty percent of the population of the Philippines is under 30 years of age. The median age of is 21. Thirty-five percent of the population is under 14. How are we going to reach this huge next generation of Filipinos? Local church youth ministry is under-resourced, under-trained and often under-estimated. Will you partner with us as we help the Filipinos develop the next generation of youth pastors and youth leaders to reach the next generation of students?

Bob & Debbie Long

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