Wilondja & Shirley Masongezi

This video is a clip of our Good News Club as Wilondja lead a few kids in the sinner’s prayer in French, when they requested to have Jesus control their lives.

Wilondja and Shirley have a vision of starting a church planting movement. However, we must first plant a French-speaking missional church in Bafoussam, where we are living, located in the western region of Cameroon. We have now completed four years of ministering there using evangelism and discipleship, also showing the Jesus Film. As a result, God has given us four couples and a few singles after we had several marriage and singles conferences. The end of this year we pray that multiplication will take place and start five Bible studies, where our group will make disciples that make disciples and more disciples until Jesus returns. Pray that God would add more people to assist us in planting that French-speaking, missional church by 2020.

Shirley began serving with Converge Worldwide/BGC in 1990 in Cameroon as she reached out to Muslim women after the Lord clearly showed her that he had trained when she learned Hausa in Nigeria while working with CRU. Shirley started working in Yaounde at the University of Yaounde and a Cameroon Baptist Convention Church with women's ministry and leadership development in 1994. She met Wilondja in 1998 and they were married the same year. They went as church planters to Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire) in 2001 and planted Goshen Church in 2004. Today they have given birth to two daughters churches in Abidjan, the capital city.

Wilondja is the second oldest child from a Congolese family of five children. He is a PK as his father was a church planter for the Free Methodist Church of Zaire. In 1974 Wilondja attended a Conservative Baptist Seminary in Bunia, Congo for his training. He joined the Converge Worldwide family in 2000 after he learned English. Wilondja pastored churches in Kinshasa and Goma. He planted a cluster of churches while working with his denomination in Congo before he met Shirley. He also worked with Campus Crusade for Christ and Gideons International.

God has used these unique experiences and opportunities to prepare Wilondja and Shirley for ministry to impact Cameroonians with a vision of reaching their own people. Join our prayer team by signing up to receive our “prayer missile” each month. And if God so leads you to invest in our ministry, we still need 6% of our monthly salary, which translates to $2,000/month.

Thank you for visiting our website today! God’s richest blessings on you as we partner together!

Wilondja & Shirley Masongezi

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