Bruce & Julie A.

As Diaspora initiative leaders, our aim is to resource churches who wish to be on the front lines of apostolic ministry to the unreached nations who are now at our doorsteps. Churches who God has called to engage local least-reached immigrant communities through loving service and witness.

After 25 years living among unreached peoples, God has taught us much about bridging cultures, living lives of 'philoxenia'— the Greek word for hospitality which literally means “love of the foreigner,” and sharing the gospel with resistant peoples. God has prepared us for this moment and we want to make ourselves available to our Converge family of churches, in particular, those who God is calling into direct ministry to the world next door.

This will be done through a "city strategy" where transformational leaders — both diaspora champions and practitioners — from within the church are identified and trained; where coalitions of churches are formed ("We are better together."); and where apostolic teams are formed and sent out, imbedding themselves into these communities where Jesus is neither named nor known. The aim is to foster multiplying gospel movements which begin in the adopted homeland but eventually impact their lands of origin. WE START LOCAL TO GO GLOBAL.

Bruce & Julie A.

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