The goal of Converge Generosity is to help local churches maximize the potential generosity of their congregations while creating a network of local church generosity and stewardship teams. These teams share best practices, resources and ideas to bring greater kingdom impact locally, regionally and globally.

Our strategy is simple:

  • Expose church leadership to generous living principles from God's word
  • Coach leaders to develop plans and practices that create a generous culture in the church
  • Resource leaders through partnerships with organizations that add value to their ministry
  • Reproduce a culture of generosity in other churches through intentional mentoring networks

President Scott Ridout facilitates the Generous Church Summit, a training to help leaders create a culture of generous giving in their churches. Other events include congregation immersion events, Generosity 2.0 training, as well as coaching and consulting services.

Upcoming Generosity Summits:

Cityview Church is hosting a Generosity Summit on Thursday, September 22nd - 2647 Bloomington Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55407. The fee is $25 for materials and lunch. Contact is Jacob Valtierra at or register now.

Carla Lenox
    Point - September 2018

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