The health of a church is often directly related to the health of its pastor. Pastor, how often do you ask yourself, “How am I doing?” Compass has been created to help you answer this essential question. 

We want your church to stay healthy so you can continue to impact your community for Jesus. Compass provides support for pastors just like you and helps them through the challenges of leading a church. It helps Converge districts and churches serve pastors who desire a checkup. Maybe you’ve reached a ministry milestone, are considering activities for a sabbatical or simply feel burned out. Compass gives you the tracks to run on to make the most of your ministry.

Helping you bear fruit in your ministry

Jesus said we are to bear much fruit (John 15:5-8). Compass provides you (the pastor) and your spouse an opportunity to evaluate fruitfulness by:

  • defining your current reality, 
  • dreaming about a preferred fruitful future, and 
  • helping connect you with a strategic pathway moving forward.

You and your spouse will walk away from Compass with your own personalized, self-developed guide to help you eliminate barriers and build a framework to move forward and increase fruitfulness in your ministry. 

Following the gathering, we will connect with you and your spouse quarterly on video coaching calls to encourage you as you follow through on your strategic plan. 

Compass outline:

The goal of Compass is for each couple to create a strategic plan that eliminates barriers to fruitfulness, and creates a framework moving forward to see fruitful ministry increase.  

            1.  We want to help pastors and spouses think thru “fruitfulness” in the areas of:

                        A.  Self-Care

                                    1)  Spiritual

                                    2)  Physical

                                    3)  Emotional

                                    4)  Financial

                        B.  Relationships

                                    1)  With Spouse

                                    2)  With Children

                                    3)  With Church

                        C.  Ministry Capacity

                                    1)  Leadership

                                    2)  Affirming Strengths in Ministry 

                                    3)  Finishing Well

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