Our national and district leadership teams, in partnership with Bethel University, have establish a 10-year plan for our movement. This vision has four major parts:

Open the front door

We pray God will allow the Converge movement to expand through church planting, multisiting and churches joining our movement. We pray our missionary force will double, with special focus on the unengaged, unreached people of the world. We pray the majority of the increased attendance in our churches will result in conversion experiences and baptisms.   

Close the back door

We pray God will allow us to develop more healthy growing churches by focusing on developing healthy, growing leaders. Developing the health of our pastors and missionaries through improved assessment, coaching, training, collaboration and care will result in our congregants and churches growing toward maturity and mission.   

Tear down the walls

We pray God will help us become a movement strengthened by and known for our cultural diversity.

We will address potential spiritual, cultural and racial barriers and challenge our congregations to courageously expand gospel living by extending hands of understanding, honor, friendship and partnership across these divides for the advancement of the gospel.  

Build the house

We pray God will provide the resources needed to support our mission. This includes things such as branding, data, communication and funding initiatives and plans. Already our team has moved toward developing one database, one brand and a unified communication strategy. We have also begun to develop a $10 million church plant funding strategy.

We believe the result of this emphasis will be more followers of Jesus, more focused on the mission of Jesus. We humbly seek God’s will and leading for our personal involvement in this next season. God has blessed us. He designed us to live for something bigger than ourselves. We are better together. The best is yet to come.

    Point - September 2018

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