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Give to Converge Missionaries Now! Your Converge missionaries depend upon God’s financial provision through the faithful, ongoing support of churches and individuals in order to fund their missionary work. Before heading to the field, each missionary must raise 100% of their one-time startup/outgoing expenses, and 105% of their ongoing monthly support (the additional 5% provides anticipated ministry and overseas cost of living increases during their first two years).

Meet Your Converge Missionaries!

Your Converge missionaries are physical extensions of you and your church during their time working and ministering on the mission field, and while doing partner development (deputation/fundraising) or on home assignment. To see where your missionaries are working, what God has called them to do, and to learn whether your missionaries need additional financial support, click here, or use the “Search Giving Opportunities” navigation menu (left sidebar), or use the green buttons (upper right).

Your Converge Missionary’s Monthly Support Budget Provides for:

  1. Wages: adequate wages, housing, and sufficient work funds for doing ministry in the most culturally effective way possible.
  2. Withholding Taxes: payment of social security and other tax withholdings as required by law.
  3. Continuing Education: continuing educational opportunities to better enable our missionaries to periodically sharpen their ministry skills.
  4. MK Education: academically sound education for our missionaries’ children.
  5. Insurances: comprehensive health care with emergency medvac; dental; eye care; long-term disability; worker’s compensation; and life insurance.
  6. Missionary Equipping & Communication: a range of equipping services and communication services which help our missionaries tell their life-changing stories.
  7. Home Assignments: periodic home assignments (furloughs) to strengthen the bond between the missionary and his/her partner churches and individuals.
  8. Accounting: IRS-compliant receipting and record-retention services, and other accounting support services to lighten the administrative load on the field.
  9. Leadership & Ministry Counsel: competent ministry-related counsel and emotional support to help solve tough mission problems and family concerns.
  10. Retirement: our missionaries’ retirement program is the same program provided for many of our Converge pastors.

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Call Roger Peterson at 1-800-323-4215 (ext. 6101) or email Roger now.

Giving to Converge

Converge is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) which serves as a monitoring agency to ensure that non-profit Christian ministries maintain the highest ethical standards. Voluntary ECFA membership requires full financial disclosure and the exercise of sound fundraising practices.

Converge allocates a portion of contributions to support services.

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