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Joel Nelson

Director of Church Strengthening, Converge North Central

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God Is Moving

CityView Church is located right in the midst of the violence and destruction (May 20) in Minneapolis. With grocery stores and markets either destroyed or closed, the church distributed food and relief supplies.

In addition to meeting the immediate physical needs, Pastor Walt McFadden and his church are proclaiming the gospel message of hope, healing, and reconciliation. They’ve gone out into the community to engage their neighbors, and the church baptized eight people in a portable baptistry in the parking lot. CityView has quickly become a hub for citywide outreach and community efforts!

On the Ground

Converge North Central is connecting with churches on the ground to be a proactive part of the solution. In addition to CityView, St. Paul Fellowship is playing a key role in the Midway neighborhood of St. Paul that saw similar violence and destruction.

What’s encouraging is that we’re seeing people interested in long-term efforts, not just an afternoon of volunteering, a one-time donation, or supply drop. Through our partnership with Transform Minnesota and the One Fund, we are building new on-going relationships to advance the gospel.

Thank You for Your Support

Minneapolis and St. Paul have been blessed by churches and individuals from across the country who donated to the (now closed) Rebuild Relief Fund.  Thanks to the generosity of many, we were able to distribute over $25,000 toward rebuilding and relief efforts through churches and Pastors on the ground and partner organizations that are making a difference for Jesus Christ.

Joel Nelson, Director of Church Strengthening, Converge North Central

Director of Church Strengthening

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