Part 3: Getting past "like”

Marlan Mincks

Director of Starting

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When it comes to hiring staff, it is critical that we look past our initial feelings about a potential hire and look into skill sets and what a candidate is bringing. The first step is to outline your processes for resume’ review and interviews. Don’t shortchange the process by going through the motions because you already know who you want to hire, let the process reveal the best candidate for the job. Many people will let their feelings about someone rule the interview and discovery process. So, a team approach may be the best way to review the potential candidates and their resume’s.

Start by outlining the job expectations you have and assembling a team to review them that would be diverse in personality and skillsets. You want to be sure that those you add to the team have a high degree of discernment and EQ. This will allow multiple people to see the same resume’ information from many different angles. This will give you the best overall understanding of a candidate.

Clearly communicate to the team the process and the specific areas or skill sets that are most important to you. Take the time to explain what a specific qualification looks like in reference to the job that they will hold. Don’t assume everyone has the same idea about what that position will need or how it will be put into action.

Next, layout a list of questions for each resume’ that will help you understand whether the candidate can not only fulfill the needs of the job but that each skill set is a behavior as opposed to intellectual ascent. If you’re going to have surgery don’t settle for the surgeon who will give it a try but the one that can show you, they. have vast experience in that area. Don’t be too quick to hire. This person for better or worse may have a huge impact on your ministry and staff. Get it right the first time.

Questions that end with a simple yes or no answer tell you nothing about the candidate. If you ask someone if they think evangelism is important most will say yes! Even though they may have never led anyone to Christ. Instead, ask open ended questions. “Tell me about a time you led someone to Christ? , What was their name? How did you disciple them?” This will help you see if these are behaviors, they live out rather than intellectual agreement.

Marlan Mincks, Director of Starting

Marlan Mincks is Converge North Central Director of Starting.

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