Culturally Diverse Church Planting Fund

Church Planting
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Help support strategic culturally diverse church planting initiatives.

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We believe that every neighborhood needs a heathy and vibrant church! Throughout our history, Converge MidAtlantic has invested in ministries and church planting among culturally diverse communities. In many cases, pastors who feel called to start churches in urban and multicultural neighborhoods have had less access to funding. This can be especially true for pastors who come from the same minority backgrounds. Converge MidAtlantic is committed to helping every qualified church planter launch a successful church. This fund allows us to contribute additional church planting grants for pastors who are reaching urban and culturally diverse communities.

Church Planting //

We start new churches because the message of Jesus brings hope to the world. This fund supports the strategic church planting initiatives of Converge MidAtlantic, including matching grants for new churches.

 To Donate by Mail:

Write a check payable to Converge MidAtlantic, and include Culturally Diverse CP Fund on the memo line. Send it to:

Converge MidAtlantic // 7105 Herbert Rd. // Canfield, OH 44406