Phu & Anne

Fairfax, Virginia
Status: Pre-launch
ID: 2013CVI

Help Phu & Anne as they work to plant a church in Fairfax, Virginia.

Monthly funding progress: 25%
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My story

Years ago, we did pray and ask God for His guidance to our Vietnamese Church Planting Movement in U.S. God put in our heart a burden to reach out the Vietnamese People in Washington, D. C. areas. So, we did follow His guidance to connect our Vietnamese Church in Converge MidAtlantic District. We had worked with Dr. Dan Peterson and Pastor Daniel Phan to plant couple of Vietnamese Churches: Vietnamese NOVA Church in Fairfax, VA and Vietnamese Christian Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA. 

One day, Pastor Daniel Phan made a decision to resign from his church and Dr. Dan Peterson had invited me to restart or plant a new church in Fairfax, VA. I do love Church Planting and all things relate to Church, so here we are.

August 27, 2017, our family of 5 moved from Chicago, IL to Fairfax, VA to plant the Converge Viet Church of Fairfax.

Our vision is to build a Bible Faith Based Family Church where all Vietnamese American People can come and have experience the Church as their own HOME (Extended Family).

There are three areas we focus on:

  1. Scripture Church
  2. Christian Family Church
  3. Reach out and Raise up more Transformation Leaders

Average Sunday Worship is 80, include all seniors, adults, youth, teens, children and kids.

Our goals in the next three years:

  • 2019: We will reach 100 people
  • 2020: We will reach 125 people
  • 2021: We will reach 150 people

Please, keep us in your prayers and support.
God bless you all!

Fairfax, Virginia // Phu & Anne are church planters in Fairfax, Virginia. Their church is Converge Viet Church of Fairfax.
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