Church security

Keeping the people in your church safe.



Partnering with your church to manage risk

People should not have to worry about their safety while they are on your church property. Converge Southwest can help you manage the risks that unfortunately come with church management. We can help you create a safe environment, providing assistance with background checks for staff and volunteers, safeguarding church property, deterring crime and even the best ways to communicate if a crisis does occur.

Risk management basics

  • Safeguard church property/physical assets
  • Crime deterrent and evidence capture
  • Church communication in crisis
  • Safe travel for trips
  • Creating safe environments
  • Risk assessment
  • Background check
  • Child safety
  • Volunteer screening

A free, comprehensive resource with the basics of risk management can be found at our partnering insurance provider,  Brotherhood Mutual.

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Not one of us was built to do life alone, that’s why God created the Church! Ministry is doubly hard, that’s why we are better together!”

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