Payroll services

Get fiscal peace of mind by allowing Converge Heartland to assist you with your payroll.



Simple, hassle-free and affordable payroll services

To serve your church better, Converge Heartland offers payroll services.  With several years of experience under our belt, we have greatly assisted churches of various sizes through an exceptional payroll service rate.  We have intentionally  priced this service below industry averages to be a greater blessing to your church. Outsourcing the ongoing task of payroll to Converge Heartland will serve your staff well and give your church a fiscal peace of mind. 

Payroll services offered by Converge Heartland:

  • Direct deposit of paychecks
  • Electronic delivery of pay-stubs via email
  • Online web portal for employees to view pay history and control personal information (such as their W-4 and bank accounts)
  • Voluntary tax withholding offered for pastors (eliminates estimated quarterly payments)
  • Monthly tax deposits made for your church (if applicable)
  • Quarterly 941 forms prepared and filed for your church (if applicable)
  • W-2 forms prepared and filed at year-end
  • Payroll-related state tax forms prepared and filed (if applicable)
  • Personal service from someone who cares about you and your church

We offer all these services at an incredible discount to our district churches. In addition to the services listed above, we also offer the following services for an additional fee:

  • Online time cards and time-off tracking (sick and vacation time)

If you and your church need assistance with payroll services, or if payroll is a burden for you or your church, we urge you to allow us to help strengthen your church in this way.

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