Church revitalization

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Your church can thrive again

Whether a church is located in a city, suburb, town or rural setting, Converge Heartland desires to see a transformational church impacting every Heartland community. However, churches experience various life stages and sometimes find themselves in need of revitalization. Increasingly, we are finding that once thriving Heartland churches are declining to the point where they can no longer afford a full-time pastor and even struggle to fill their pulpit from week to week.

Converge Heartland seeks to address the heart of the matter and apply solid revitalizing solutions that leverage the existing resources of the church.

The typical process of our revitalization services:

  • Initial assessment of the church’s capacity and need
  • Entering into a church revitalization contract
  • Profiling the community, church and pastoral candidate
  • Provision of financial services
  • Recruiting and matching a missionary pastor to the church
  • Defining a strategic revitalization plan and covenant
  • Church and pastoral accountability
  • Church and pastoral encouragement
  • Ongoing pastoral development with regional pastors and churches
  • Celebrations for reaching revitalization milestones
  • Ongoing consultation through renewed vitality and autonomy

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Leading a church can be complex, but I have a network of people from churches all around the country who are in my corner. You’re never alone when you’re a part of Converge.

Ben Payne, Northridge Baptist Church, Mitchell, South Dakota