During the conference you'll have the opportunity to attend your choice of over 40 skill-enhancing ministry workshops during four sessions.

Workshops will be held on Tuesday, January 29


[Men] Only Human: Facing the emotional challenges of ministry life
Life as a person in a ministry role can be dangerous. Serving with a heart that is whole, while we navigate the emotional challenges, requires an intentional process. Together, we can learn the importance of acknowledging both our humanity and the power of the Gospel while we craft a healthy way to do ministry. Speaker: Roy Yanke

[Women] Only Human: Facing the emotional challenges of ministry life
Life as a person in a ministry role can be dangerous. Serving with a heart that is whole, while we navigate the emotional challenges, requires an intentional process. Together, we can learn the importance of acknowledging both our humanity and the power of the Gospel while we craft a healthy way to do ministry. Speaker: Twanna Henderson

Church Planting Landmines
Speaker: Micah Hutchison

Covering Pastors
A workshop that is geared toward helping pastors understand the importance of having a pastor and the importance of having a covering over their spiritual lives. This is designed to help pastors, who are often the most lonely and disconnected people in any church, to experience connection with someone for their growth and development. Speakers: Michael Henderson and John Jenkins

Creating Culture
Speaker: Lee Stephenson

How to Thrive in a Small Church
More than half the people in America live in areas that have less than 25,000 people residing in small cities, towns, villages, and townships. That means more than half of the people God has called us to reach need to be a part of a thriving church family. Join us to share ways we can be assured of our calling and see these churches move forward for God's glory. Speaker: Ben Payne

Leading from Second Chair
Great leaders lead well with and without authority. Supporting the Senior Pastor and supporting staff at the same time can be more art than science. Learn how to do both with excellence while building trust and influence. You’ll be encouraged and equipped to help your church move forward. Speaker: Marty Sawyers

Multicultural Multisite and Church Planting
Most of us are familiar with the quote by Dr. King, "It is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o'clock on Sunday morning." Even as our country attempts to make strides in racial reconciliation, this statement unfortunately still rings true. While Christians black and white intellectually agree that this should change, to actually live it out is another story. Pastor Kurt Owens and Pastor Danny Parmelee will share their journey of working together towards a multicultural multisite church. This will be a brutally honest conversation of the uphill battle of addressing segregation in the Body of Christ. Speaker: Kurt Owens and Danny Parmelee

Raising Up the Next Generation
This workshop will give you practical guidance on how to create a culture that attracts young leaders and how you can develop young leaders by training and coaching them. The workshop will also help you believe in the potential of young leaders and show you why developing young leaders is essential for every church. Speaker: Paul Johnson

The Plan: Everyone Mature in Christ
It took a century for the Gospel movement to grow from 500 Jews to over 1,000,000 Christ followers. Rediscovering the foundation, strategies and goal of Biblical disciple making can move us from empty rhetoric to seeing actual disciples made and mobilized. Speaker: Gregg Heinsch

Who is Converge
Learn more about the history, mission and vision of Converge and why we exist. Speaker: Scott Ridout, Converge President


5 HR Things Your Church Should Be Doing (but, probably isn't)
In this workshop, we will talk about the five things that have the potential to devastate your ministry. Get valuable information and resources that will set your team up for success, avoid burn out, and lay a foundation for a healthy staff and church. Speaker: Tiffany Henning

Building High Capacity Volunteers Leaders
The greatest resource in every church is its people – and many of those people are willing to serve at a much higher capacity than they are currently. Come and learn from a pastor whose staff consists of 2/3 volunteer and 1/3 paid leaders. Discover the key principles and systems that allow a volunteer leadership culture to thrive. Speaker: Derek Sanford

Citywide Movements
We’ll look at strategies to help your church become a catalyst for collaboration within your community, among the civic centers and corporations. As iron sharpens iron, together, we will learn best practices that will help transform our communities for Christ. Speaker: Mullery Jean Pierre

Creating a Culture of Evangelism
More than techniques. More than systems. More than methods. Not evangelists. Not events. The most effective evangelism strategy is the culture that YOU create in your church. Becoming a "doesn't matter" church is the key. Speaker: John Fuller

Healthy Marriage in Ministry
The most blessed relationship a married person in ministry can have is the one we have with our spouse. And yet the most stressed relationship we often have is with our spouse. In the Healthy Marriage In Ministry workshop, you'll learn how to see, hear, feel, smell and taste your way to a dynamic marriage relationship in ministry. Speaker: Rod Hairston

Equipment and Facility Planning 101
Learn how to find the best location for your church by learning the right questions to ask and the pro's and cons of different types of facilities. Also learn how to plan for your equipment/environment needs and how to look and sound like a million bucks on a limited church plant budget. Speaker: Derrick Jeror

Navigating Church Mergers
Over the past 50 years, an incredible kingdom investment has been made in "that church" across town. However, in recent years it has lost its edge and is in decline. How could a meager change its future ministry impact? Two years ago, The Journey North Church merged to multisite. Discover some of the highs, lows and seven key learning and the reason we are excited to do it again. Speaker: Mark Bjorlo

Racial Reconciliation
We will explore many of the unique cultural and ethnic differences between us to gain a perspective of each other’s celebrations and challenges. Our hope and prayer is that every participant will leave this breakout enlightened with a fresh prospective on Godly reconciliation. Speaker: Robin Holland

The Art of Leading Effective Boards
Healthy boards go way beyond crisis management, they empower the church to stay on mission. We will learn about building healthy boards, leading effective meetings and working together in alignment towards God’s calling. Speaker: Bruce Hopler

The Joys & Challenges of Reshaping a Large Church into Missional Communities
If the missional community model interests you, or if you are already using this model, learn how to reshaping your large attractional church toward missional communities that are equipped and empowered to disciple where they live and bring gospel renewal into their neighborhoods. Speaker: Tim Porter

Build Your Leadership Pipeline
Often the lid for ministry growth is the lack of a leadership pipeline. Discover the key principles and practices to effectively recruit, develop and empower leaders in your ministry. Speaker: Brian LaMew

Removing the Cap on Capital Campaigns
Do you think it’s time to build and you need to raise the capital to do it? In this workshop, we’ll talk about the what, why and how to accomplish an effective capital campaign. Speaker: Bill Bush


Creating a Strong Succession Plan
Speaker: Will Heath

Effective Children's Ministry in Portable Situations
A booming Children’s Ministry is an essential element to a successful church plant. Discover tips and strategies that will help you set in motion a successful children’s ministry in a portable setting. Learn how to create an environment that has momentum and energy that connects kids to Christ. Speaker: Ginger Barrett

Growing Generosity in Your Church
Learn practical ways to create a culture of generous giving in your church. Speaker: Scott Ridout, Converge President

How to Preach Better
Speaker: Chad Moore

I Want to Quit
If you’ve been in ministry for any length of time, you’ve probably thought these words, and maybe even dared to speak them out loud. How do we fight through those feelings? How do we know that God’s call to shepherd his bride is still on our life? Examine in a fresh new way, the call to be pastor and how we move from not simply “gutting it out" in ministry, but serving with real, deep joy and satisfaction. Speaker: Bryan Moak

Ignite Your Hispanic Ministry
Latino Leadership Program Igniting a Spiritual Leadership Evolution to shape the future of Latino churches and its emerging leaders to create a movement of healthy, growing, and reproducing churches and leaders. Speaker: Jessy Padilla

Infusing Your Church with Global DNA
Your church can have a significant and strategic impact in the world. Grasp a fuller Biblical understanding of why your church should have a global focus, what benefits come from that, and acquire practical tools/steps on how to develop a global orientation in your church beginning today. Speaker: Ivan Veldhuizen

Know, Grow and Keep Your People
The people in your church matter. Do you know who they are? Have you provided pathways for people to engage in community, so they don’t fall through the cracks? Learn how to know first-time guests and stay connected with fully engaged members, provide opportunities for people to connect with each other and grow deeper in their faith and follow up with people so they feel valued and keep coming back to your church. Speaker: Church Community Builder

Multisites for Minority Churches
A look at the unique challenges that occur planning Minority Churches in urban suburban America. Our country is rapidly becoming a minority nation and churches are going to have to understand the unique challenges to winning their communities as they change and multisite church plants is one of the most effective ways to do that. Speaker: Michael Henderson

The Art of Strategic Planning
Some churches constantly find themselves stuck, others are filled with great ideas that never get accomplished. Here we will learn effective tools in having a clear focus and building an accountable measurable pathway to get there. Speaker: Bruce Hopler

How to Develop High-Capacity Givers
Born out of more than 40 years of searching God’s word, you will find this message invaluable in helping you understand the heart of the donor and your responsibility to them as their pastor. Tim Stephenson has walked the road of stewardship with the heart of a pastor, the experience of a fundraiser and the gifting of an entrepreneur. Open your Bible in this session for a leadership-changing study. Speaker: Tim Stephenson

Frequency in Worship
Learn from worship pastor and recording artist, Brent Taylor, how to dial into God’s voice to lead a more meaningful worship time in your service. You’ll discuss steps to growing your worship team, song writing, diversity in worship and to make a greater spiritual impact in your church through worship. Speaker: Brent Taylor


Changing the Face of America
America is transforming everywhere: religiously, culturally, racially. Are you prepared to reach this new America? In this workshop we'll explore the dynamics of these changes and equip you with real-time solutions to effectively serve your community in these momentous times. Speaker: Jim Eaton

Implementing a Residency in Your Church
Jesus called, lived with, trained up and unleashed those who were the next to lead his church. It can seem like a daunting task at times, but, just as we intentionally develop disciples, we must intentionally develop leaders for the church. We desire to lead the way in this pursuit. Come be a part of the early conversations as we lay out the core values and best practices for local church residency programs. Speaker: Caleb Smith

Developing and Leading a MultiCultural Church
We believe that multicultural worship takes effort and commitment on everyone’s part to be successful. Everyone must be “All In” to learning and embracing our differences to the Glory of God. In this breakout you will meet and interact with the leadership of a Multicultural church as they share the challenges and triumphs associated with leading a multicultural church. Speaker: Robin Holland

Growing Your Church by Reaching Your Community with Kindness
In this workshop, you will learn how to grow your church by creating a culture of kindness. No matter the size of your church, these principles will guide you through creating raving fans in your community so that if your church ever left, it would be missed! Speaker: Jason Taylor

Making Guests Feel Welcome
This workshop is geared towards helping your ministry come alongside members and guests to provide a superior level of concierge and/or customer service through the ministry of helps. You will learn how to make each person feel welcomed and helped during every visit to your church. Speaker: Michael Henderson

Rural Church Planting: Understanding your small community context
This workshop will help you identify the small town cultural context. How to enter your small community well, plus insights to help you avoid making mistakes in that first couple of years. Speaker: Glenn Herschberger

The Art of Coaching the Gateway towards Transformation
Discover the power of authentic community through transformational coaching conversations. Learn the art and science of developing staff, leaders and laity through powerful questions, level three listening and engaging techniques, while demonstrating the heart of a coach. Speaker: Christina Lee

The Spiritual Health of Pastors for the Long Haul
Doing the work of God was never meant to destroy the work of God in you—but it does. If you've ever struggled with depression, anxiety, burn out, anhedonia, guilt, or many of the other symptoms of ministry stress, this will be a safe place to explore some next steps. Pastors and leaders who make the greatest long-term impact learn new ways to understand these challenges and implement practices to help sustain you and your ministry. Speaker: Michael Bischoff

Theology and Preaching
Speaker: Ed Marcelle

When to Hire New Staff
Speaker: Linn Winters

Leading Through Change
Healthy ministries are constantly changing and adapting. Learn how to disrupt the status quo and effectively move people from where they are to where God wants them to be. Speaker: Brian LaMew

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