The Timothy Initiative

The Spirit of God has prepared many least-reached people groups to hunger for truth leading to massive numbers of new converts coming to faith in Jesus. In this unique season of harvest, urgency is required – we can’t know how long this door of opportunity will be open. As we act decisively, quickly, and wisely, we will see many of the 6615 still unreached people groups transformed by Christ, bringing us ever closer to the day Jesus longs for when “this gospel will be preached in the whole world, as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come,” Matthew 24:14.

Our Church Multiplication Strategy

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Partnering with The Timothy Initiative, Converge is training indigenous church planters to catalyze multiplication strategies among people groups that have never had a Christian church before. Providing an intense curriculum of Bible training with a church planting orientation, carried out with mentoring and multiplication models, we are seeing thousands of vibrant churches started among least-reached peoples. Having removed the baggage that restrains movements, many of these church planting initiatives have turned into Holy Spirit ignited church multiplication movements.

How to Engage: Every Converge church can plant at least one church among a least-reached people group.

  • Invest financially. $333 will plant one indigenous led self-sustaining church to a least-reached people group. Plant one church or a hundred – just do the math. If you choose to plant multiple churches, we will target your work to be in the same region so that your investment is focused.
  • Pray consistently. Adopt and make a spiritual investment in the people group to which you are planting churches. There are reasons these groups are still least-reached–they require consistent intercession to break the strongholds of the past.
  • Minister carefully. After the church(s) are planted, consider sending a short-term team from your church. Converge International Ministries will help prepare you for this experience. Your church-plants and people group may benefit from your hands-on involvement, allowing this missions endeavor to become very personal for your church. You will bring transformation to people far away as well as to those in your own congregation.

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