August 2020 Update

Jonas & Abigail Brenneman


Another month zipped past here in PA, and it is hard to believe that it is almost fall! Jonas finished up his classes for the semester, and is very happy to enjoy the fall semester off. He has been devoting more of his time to ministry, fundraising, and fixing up the RV that we're staying in, as well as getting some much needed rest. Emma and I have been busy working on potty training, and are finally seeing some progress. It is such a joy to see her growing, exploring, and taking on new territory. She is however, quite happy to be “baby” and I do not see an end in sight for bottles and pacifiers, but I also felt like she would always refuse to sit on her potty, so I guess I can just remember that!

This month has been filled with a lot of ministry work, but I cannot delve into it much on here for privacy reasons, but we ask for continued prayers as we help some families. We are so loving being a part of the Tuesday night Bible study, that is multicultural, multi denominational, and multiplicational- all of the things that the Mosaik Movement in Germany is going for. We are so thankful for this preparation before we move to Germany. I am learning a lot in this season about who I am, what my gifts are, and how God has wired me. It is hard; this season is filled with refining, pruning, and frustrating moments that come from living and working in a different culture. But I am thankful for it, and thankful for the extra German practice!

We are so excited to share that we have had three new supporters and our percentage is now up to 41%!!! Thank you Lord! We are inching closer and closer, and some moments it really feels like it is coming fast. And naturally, it sometimes feels like it’s so far away, but again I have to look at the progress we’ve made in potty training Emma, and think that three days ago I didn’t think she would be willing to sit on her potty, let alone use it! A friend of mine shared this with me yesterday, "If God calls you in any kind of ministry He will take you through the fire, not because He's a mean God, but because He's equipping you to lean on Him... Fully Trust Him.” We are learning to appreciate the process as well as the end results. 


Give thanks for the new partners!

Pray that we continue to find more partners.

Pray for the families we are working with and the struggles they are dealing with.

Pray that we can reach 50% by the end of the month! 

Jonas & Abigail Brenneman, Missionary

Help the Brennemans train children's ministry leaders in Frankfurt, Germany.