Are You Seeing Like Jesus?

John & Karen Ames


Catching the Vision of Jesus

Converge - Sub-Saharan Africa

What is the ‘vision’ of Jesus? When He ‘saw’ the crowds and looked deep into the heart of men, women and children, he was moved by the deep longing he observed for peace and purpose. He saw broken, anxious, fearful, helpless multitudes who seemed like sheep without a shepherd.  His heart? – One of COMPASSION.  So… what was his vision to remedy the problem? Laborers. There was no question in the mind of Jesus that there were plenty of people longing to discover God’s blessing; but laborers needed to be sent ‘to bring in the harvest.’   PRAYER is the primary means in this sending process as He is the Lord of the harvest. Will we pray consistently with compassion? Why not today? Why not after reading this letter? Africa is in desperate need of multiplying ministries to reach the unreached. God has given us open doors.

The gospel brings gladness to the nations today just as it did in the first century; and the Son of Man has his ‘eye’  on laborers.  Jesus said that we must labor while it is day for night is coming when no one can work. (John 9:4) Are we willing to pray daily for this harvest? Are we willing to go and/or send these laborers? Remember, missions is always a team effort.  Thanks to all of you who are willing to pray and send us into Africa on a regular basis and allow us to coach and mentor as well through video conferencing and technology. We are praying for more ministry partners to join us. Every month we pray across the continent via the internet with our missionaries.

News from West Africa: Recently, through support partners, we were able to provide a freezer for a pastor’s wife in Ghana who is developing her micro-project of ice water and frozen foods to neighbors. Pray for this continual effort. Her church planting husband/pastor is pastoring and training young adults in theological education and ministry. 

38 students responded to the gospel recently in Guinea through one of the pastors I am coaching and several adults from a Muslim background prayed to believe in Jesus. Pray for the follow up of these new believers as it is often difficult. Following resurrection celebrations in the States, I plan to travel to West and East Africa on ministry trips co-laboring with indigenous leaders and then to Germany for regional meetings. Opportunities for ministry in Sub-Saharan Africa are springing up in many countries. Pray for wisdom!

Let us know if you wish to join our Facebook missions group page called ‘Ames-The Return’ or our prayer warrior team for current updates…

Urgent Prayer Needed for the HOTSPOTS in Africa – Cameroon (political unrest), Nigeria (persecution)

Mozambique and Zimbabwe(disaster relief). 

Thanks for teaming up with us! 25% to go in ministry support

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John & Karen Ames, Missionary

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