Tokyo Olympics

Jeff & Barb Chapman


The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are set to begin later today.  Already coronavirus is casting a long shadow forcing cancellations, prompting sudden withdrawals and blocking spectators from venues.  This is shaping up to be the strangest Olympics ever.  Tokyo is just entering the fifth wave of virus infections with nearly 2,000 new cases yesterday, perfectly bad timing for the athletes.  There is a prayer movement starting now and running through September 5, the end of the Paralympic Games.  You are invited to join by going to the following website,  They are hoping for people around the world to commit to praying for 1 million hours for Japan during the Olympic Games.  Christian ministries had a goal of reaching 1 million people with the gospel during the Tokyo Games, but have switched tactics due to the pandemic.  As of yesterday, the number of people connected to the Olympics that have tested positive for the virus stood at 87 and rising fast.  


The Games still allow athletes from around the world who have been training for these games for many years to compete for medals and records, while showing the fact that people all over the world are the same.  We are all human and share the same hopes, dreams and fears.  Hopefully the strong message of peace can be extended that will actually impact world attitudes and actions.


Personally, we will watch the games from home as much as possible.  It is easier this year, because the games are in our time zone.  We can only get commentary in Japanese and mainly see Japanese teams and competitors, so it will be a different experience for us than for you.  The government actually declared a four-day holiday weekend, July 22 – 25, to allow people the opportunity to watch the games.  We always end up rooting for both the U.S. and Japan and have a hard time when they are competing directly with each other.

Jeff & Barb Chapman, Missionary

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