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A partner in the work of the gospel recently said to me, “I work for the Kingdom of God.” We both noted the slight hitch when he spoke the word “for”.  I queried him on this and he suggested this restatement: “I work in the Kingdom of God.” We considered a metaphor for this shift of emphasis, settling on what Americans call football.


Jesus is the center, and I’m attached at his left hip. After assessing what is before us, he snaps the ball and I follow his lead. We push forward. Sometimes with great success. Many times, it is a slow, plodding slog. Now and then we even lose ground. It is hard work, but I love being at his hip, in the “game”.

You are in the game, too. That’s why I share this with you. Here is some news from the “game”:

  • CHINA Despite misgivings about religion and proselytization, it appears to have no qualms in supplying the rest of the world with religious literature. One-quarter of all the Bibles printed worldwide are printed in China, and the world’s largest Bible printing factory opened in Nanjing in 2008. God does amazing things!
  • PHILIPPINES Recently five churches opened Converge work in south Cotabato. The churches were planted by a Converge Filipino church in Seattle.  The area has the potential of developing into a launching pad for ministry to least evangelized people groups in the southern Philippines. God, may it be so.
  • INDIA  Last Friday, the Secretary and two senior people of the local mosque came to Tajira’s house very quietly. The Secretary asked: “Tajira, we know you are a follower of Jesus. Every Sunday you and your family and a few relatives go to the worship service. Not only we know, but the whole village knows about it. A few of the leaders are against you and may try to harass you.”

Tajira replied: “Yes, I have been a follower of Jesus for last four years. I will continue to follow Him only. Because He is my Savior, Lord, redeemer and everything.”

The secretary asked again: “O.K. Maybe you have learnt many things. Can you share them with us?”

 Immediately Tajira began to preach. She preached for 2 hours.

At last the Secretary remarked; “Yes I know that all these are the TRUTH. Even I have a Bible in my home. I am reading it secretly.”

These days even the Muslim priests are reading the Bible and learning. So, they are not so aggressive against the Gospel.

These are the results of prayer and partnership in the work of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for being part of this.


The first weekend of September (6-8) I will be gathering together three of our Asian Initiative Leaders (Thailand, Japan and Indonesia) along with two members of the Asia Impact Team to pray, plan and proceed in effectively sharing the gospel among the unreached peoples of Asia. It is our desire to grasp fully what God is asking of us, to reinforce our reliance upon Him, and to be filled with passion for those whom do not yet know Jesus.

I am asking for boldness to speak the name of Jesus in places where He is not only unknown but is actively dismissed from conversation through intimidation and persecution.

Thank you for partnering with us in the work of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Asia.

     David J                                                                    

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David J, Missionary

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