Beirut Explosion Tragedy



Dear friends and ministry partners,


On Tuesday, August 4, around 6 p.m. local time, the city of Beirut, Lebanon, was rocked by an explosion that destroyed nearly every building within 1.5 miles. The death toll is over 100, with 5000 people sustaining injuries.

It is estimated that the destruction has left around 300,000 people homeless. In the words of one local pastor, “I do not know whether to be sad or angry or thankful or scared. Sad about my broken Beirut and its people, angry over a terribly corrupt government and people in power, thankful for God’s unfailing protection and mercy, and scared of a future that is now, more than ever, unknown for the Lebanese people.”

Alongside our global workers and national partners in the area, we will help provide essential needs such as: food, clothing and temporary shelter for families. After the most essential needs are met, we want to bless our brothers and sisters in Christ with resources to rebuild their places of worship.

Please give generously to a people group that is in desperate need. We have a goal of $250,000. CLICK HERE to give to the Beirut Explosion Tragedy

Thank you,

 A prayer for Lebanon

God, we need you. Hide not your face from us, for we are in distress. You bring life from death. You restore the broken-hearted and bind up their wounds. You give mercy to the poor and needy.

You are still God.

This city has been laid to waste. As we look upon the utter destruction, Lord, our hearts are so heavy. People of this county have lost their homes, their incomes, their resources, their loved ones, their lives. As we pick up the shards of glass filling the heart of Beirut, God, would you help heal our broken hearts?

You are still God.

Hear us, oh, Lord. We seek your mercy, your grace, your healing for this city, for this country. The government is corrupt. The economy has collapsed. The explosion has devastated. As we gape at the pit left by this tragedy, God, would you fill the void with hope?

You are still God.

Use your church, Lord. Let us be a light in the dark time. Cause us to come together in unity, in spirit and truth. The government, the land, and our allies have failed us. But you, oh, Lord, will never fail. Your promises are sure. Let us cling to them with everything we have and point these people to the one who always keeps His word.

You are still God.

So, we will cry out. We will lift up this broken country. We will be your hands and feet. We will sing your praises. We will proclaim Christ and exalt His name among the nations.

Because, you are still God.

182418, Missionary

Partner with me as we ask God for a gospel movement among the over 300 million Muslims living in the 21 nations around the Mediterranean Sea.