SenSahel Initiative

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Only 400 Christians can be found among 10,000,000 Wolof and Peul people in the Sahel region of Senegal. This arid, infertile band south of the Sahara is one of the least responsive parts of Africa to the gospel of Jesus. Folk Islam has a strong hold on society and culture, and every year the number of Muslims born far outstrips the slow growth of the church.

Jesus said few would find the “narrow gate” and follow the “hard way” that leads to life. Yet, he commanded us to go and make disciples among the Wolof and Peul who will make more disciples.

Every Wolof and Peul should have opportunities to hear about Jesus’ amazing grace and life-changing love. Whether they finally “find” the narrow gate and travel the “hard way” is between them and God.

We are to live in a way that honors our God and proclaim the forgiveness, joy, and hope found only in the kingdom of King Jesus.

Our prayer and purpose is to initiate small, locally reproducible Discovery Groups that will develop disciples of Jesus who can and will make more disciples of Jesus until the Sahel region of Senegal is fully peppered with small bands of Jesus disciples.

We are asking God for 5% of the Wolof and Peul people to become disciples of Jesus gathered into multiplying Kingdom Communities in our generation.

How does this miraculous gospel movement begin in a people group who are 99.9% Muslim?

  • Only by God’s grace and empowerment! Therefore, we pray and fast like never before. And, we mobilize a prayer movement for the Wolof and Peul. Our goal is to have 1,000 people regularly praying and fasting for these two unreached ethnic groups.
  • Pray for and seek “people of peace” (Luke 19:5-7) in the community—people God has already prepared to hear from His Word.
  • Teach and coach “people of peace” to lead discovery Bible studies with their friends and family.
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