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About Kulm Baptist church

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Our church was incorporated by Swedish immigrants in the same year that our town came into existence. We 
have a 127-year history of holding Christ high to the community of Kulm, our region, and to the world 
beyond. To this very day, we exist to worship God, to proclaim the life-changing message of Jesus Christ, and to 
strengthen believers and equip them for service. Our congregation typically runs between 50 to 60 in 
attendance, which equates to about 15% of the Kulm community. Though many of our attendees come from 
Kulm, we also draw attendees from five different communities in our area. Many regional residents claim a 
church affiliation, however we still find that there are nearly one thousand unchurched people within our target 
area, many of which have never made a profession of faith in Christ. 


Kulm Baptist Church is in the town of Kulm, ND, which is located near the South Dakota border in southeastern 
North Dakota. Though Kulm is a small town, it is a well-ordered community with a surprising array of local 
services and shops. The area boasts picturesque glacial lakes, multiple recreation options, and its proximity to 
larger cities makes Kulm a gem of a community for all generations. Founded in 1892, Kulm is an agricultural 
community and several of its residents are the direct descendants of 19th century homesteaders. Though the 
history and land are rich, Kulm also has its eyes on the future with the recent completion of a new public school 
facility and continued development of wind energy technologies. Kulm is a small town with a big heart and a 
great community to call home!

Job description

WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR (Full Job Description)

We are asking God to send us a pastor who models Christ's love as he lives, teaches, and preaches the 
scriptures. At this season of our church's life, we are seeking a pastor who, together with his family, will 
relationally belong in our community, helping us to reach the next generation for Christ. Our next pastor will be 
capable of fulfilling our stated job description , but we are also seeking a pastor who embodies various 
strengths that are both needed in our congregation and celebrated by our community. Though we are able and 
have always supported full-time pastors, we are open to a co-vocational pastor with the understanding that he 
would be able to build lasting relational inroads through a trade-craft such as plumbing, carpentry, welding, 
electrical work, or property management; all skills which are in demand in our community. We are looking for a 
pastor who celebrates the Great Commission, bringing a heart for both discipleship as well as mobilization for 
local, regional, and global outreach. Finally, we are praying for a pastor with a collaborative spirit who will work 
together with our local ministerial council, our community leaders, and our denominational district. The 
pastoral opening at Kulm Baptist Church offers a strong opportunity to shepherd a gospel-centered church and 
to grow with a warm and developing community.


Please send the following materials to

• A cover letter that helps us briefly get to know you, your family, and your sense of fit for our Senior Pastor opening
• A current resume or vitae
• 2 sermon samples (please send as either a weblink or digital file)
• A personal or family photo
• 3 references (non-relatives)

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