Metro Dakar Initiative

Dakar, Sénégal
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We are in the process of launching multiple Disciple Making Movements in the capital, with a special focus on the least reached ethnic groups.

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Dakar is the capital city of Sénégal, West Africa. It is the westernmost point on the continent, with a population of 3 million people and growing. Dakar is a transportation hub for West Africa, with the largest port in the sub-region, and a magnet for university students from every French-speaking country in Africa. The country is 95% Muslim and 4% Catholic. Only ~0.02% of the Senegalese in Dakar are evangelicals.

Our vision: We are asking God for 10% of the Dakar metro population to become Christ-followers, gathered into multiplying, culturally appropriate Kingdom communities.

Enabled by the Holy Spirit, we aspire to do this by launching multiple disciple making movements in different segments of the population, with a special focus on the least reached ethnic groups.

Near term goals:
  • Expand and deepen our prayer network: We are working toward having 1,000 people fasting and praying for the people of metro Dakar and God’s Kingdom work here.
  • Identify like-minded existing ministries and partner with them: Already, there are exciting possibilities, such as working with WEC and a few national pastors in a poor suburb of Dakar. Another is partnering with CMA as they train, equip and encourage a small group of Fulani believers.
  • Recruit additional long-term global workers: We need more expatriate missionaries to take advantage of ministry opportunities.
  • Develop new leaders from the harvest: We place a high value on training new leaders from the harvest, equipping them to carry on the work.
Dakar, Sénégal // A partial view of Dakar from the top of the African Renaissance Monument.
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