Executive Pastor

Visalia, California // www.risevisalia.com

About Rise Church

Rise Church is a rapidly growing community in the heart of the central valley of California, increasing from 120 to 700+ in the last few years, including over 350 first-time decisions to follow Christ. As a result, we facilitate multiple weekend services and are actively planning for growth opportunities which may include expansion of current campus, and possible additional facilities.


Job description

Primary Role Description:

  • The Executive Pastor is responsible for the alignment, management, and empowerment of all church staff and operations, which includes 6 different departments, 12 staff, and an annual budget of $720,000.
  • Oversee the strategic planning, execution, and alignment of all ministries as it pertains to the mission and strategic objectives of Rise Church.
  • Support the Lead Pastor in the accomplishment of the church’s mission through evaluating ministry effectiveness, discernment, decision making, planning, and overall direction of staff.
  • Lead the team of 12 ministry staff in the creation and ongoing direction of ministries that line up with the church’s vision and reach the target demographics.
  • Ensure effective operation of the church through leadership and oversight of all support staff performing duties in administration, finance, supply, and facility management.
  • Facilitate on-going strategic planning with all ministry staff, including evaluation of ministry performance; review of mission, vision, and values; and development of annual and monthly goals.
  • Establish and maintain a set of key performance measures that provide the Lead Pastor and Elders with a clear picture of the fruitfulness of all functional areas of the church.
  • Create and implement systems and structures within which others engage in relational ministry.
  • In collaboration with the CFO and department heads, develop the annual budget to maximize the effectiveness of individual ministry goals, church staffing, mission/outreach, and expansion.
  • Assist the Lead Pastor as he champions regional church planting efforts for Converge Pacwest, networks with other church-planting-focused churches, and recruits and develops potential church planters.
  • Champion the development of effective systems by all ministry and support staff that support healthy, long-term growth for the church.
  • Lead the church’s expansion programs, including fund-raising, master planning team, and strategic opportunities.


Qualities We Are Seeking For The Role:

  • A growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  • Agreement with the Rise Church mission, vision, values, structure, and strategies.
  • A deep-rooted passion for and commitment to serving and loving people by being the leader who designs and creates environments, systems, and structures to help them grow deeper in relationship with Jesus, their families, ministry leaders, and each other.
  • A visionary spirit committed to leading the ministry toward growth and constantly improving it in all areas.
  • Desire and ability to equip, train, recruit, and lead volunteers to do the actual work of the ministry (rather than doing it all yourself).
  • Desire and ability to oversee, train, and delegate significant responsibilities to interns and volunteer leaders (giving your job away).
  • Desire and ability to design, plan, and execute ministry strategies and systems, to move toward growth, in order to see more people reached and discipled for Christ.
  • Experience serving as part of a medium-to-large, growing, changing church.




Leadership Principles:

  • Consistently seeking growth as a follower of Christ and as a leader.
  • Able to lead from the second chair, with limited pulpit exposure but high levels of interaction with staff and top leaders.
  • Willingness and ability to embrace the philosophy that leaders develop leaders; this role requires the primary focus of creating and implementing systems and structures within which others engage in relational ministry.
  • Be an active learner and student of other healthy, thriving churches and apply those practices to Rise Church (in context).
  • Recognize that each individual ministry and department is contributing to the overall mission and vision of the church, and handle all relationships and responsibilities with teachability, humility, and flexibility.


Please send resume and letter (or email) introducing yourself to admin@risevisalia.com.