Establishing Christ’s church among the Unengaged Unreached People Groups

Kalabaz Tilli
Chamar Dom Baniya Dhanuk Dusadh Kalwar Kayastha Lohar Magar Sudhi






Operations UUPG

When referring to his second coming, Jesus stated, “The gospel must first be preached to all the nations.” We now know that this most accurately requires every people group (ethne’) to receive the gospel before Christ’s return. Converge is determined to be a vital part of accomplishing this Great Commission in our lifetimes by targeting the unengaged unreached people groups (UUPG) of the world—those who still need to hear about Jesus’ first coming.

You and your church can be key players in accomplishing God’s plan for our world by adopting a UUPG in India, Nepal or Indonesia. By adopting a UUPG, you and your church are saying, "We will do whatever it takes to be sure this people group is reached with the gospel in the next few years."

Adopting a UUPG means:

  • You will consistently and strategically intercede in prayer for the UUPG you select.
  • You will closely partner with Converge International Ministries.
  • You will financially resource (or help resource) the efforts of establishing Christ’s church in the area you select.
  • You will inform and engage your congregation to take ownership of the UUPG you select.
  • As appropriate, you will assist in sending long-term workers and/or sending short-term teams to help reach the UUPG.
How do you adopt a UUPG?

Fill out the form and you’re on your way! We will contact you to get the process started with your church.

Watch to learn more about Converge's vision to reach UUPGs